Bringing sustainable logistics access to remote communities.

Linum Labs

Developing the future of distributed Web3 applications and exploring the boundaries of real world software applications, with Linum Labs.

Man Make Machine

We partner with clients to build advanced technology solutions that shifts industries, fundamentally changes companies and impact lives.

Molecule Protocol

Molecule is a protocol & software platform to accelerate innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. It connects scientists, patients and industry to advance drug development in a collaborative open market.


Protea is a decentralised protocol for communities. Protea helps communities collaborate and leverage their previously intangible value by uniting them around shared goals and giving them immutable proof for value contributions.


Radcast is a customizable podcast delivered daily directly to you via WhatsApp.

Rooster Media

Rooster has re-invented how people wake up. It's an app that actually makes people excited to hear their alarm in the morning, tailoring new, more enjoyable wake-up experiences for everyone.


Saving lives, protecting assets, making buildings safer.